The Centre for African Affairs & Conflict Research (CAACOR) is an independent, non-governmental African think tank based in Nairobi and whose purpose is to encourage a wider and more informed awareness of the importance of Africa within the context of international affairs.

It is was set up by African scholars and practitioners to address issues affecting Africa, in response to the growing need to develop a culture of public expression of opinion, consultation and participation of Africans in the issues that affect them.

CAACOR believes it is the responsibility of African societies and Nations to rise up with a sense of responsibility and commitment to combat hunger, poverty, unemployment , human rights abuses, poor leadership and environmental & climate change issues.

Its focus is to improve on dialogue and research that will lead to better definition and improved development of policies in African Countries.

CAACOR seeks to encourage the mainstreaming of public participation into the process of developing and applying policies.

It is a centre of research excellence, and home for stimulating public debate.