• To become the leading think tank in Africa to address African Affairs and Conflict Research in terms policy formulation.
  • To help African Countries take up an active and leading role in bringing about socio-economical development through; removal of socio cultural constraints to mobility, access to resources and opportunities; participation in the decision making process on issues affecting their socio-economic development, to have the right opportunity to contribute to the desired change and share the benefit of socio-economical development with fellow Africans in Africa.
  • To identify, assist, equip, liaise and network with other international organizations and African countries carrying out environmental conservation related tasks according to the internationally acceptable standards for healthy survival of flora and fauna and climate change.
  • To research, facilitate and resolve conflicts between groups that may not agree on ground rules for going about issues and conducting business. Use awareness-based methods to facilitate and resolve conflicts in between organizations, communities, teams, individuals and large interest groups in Africa.
  • To identify other development problems, trends, resources, constraints and potentials and formulate development objectives, policies and strategies.

These objectives can be achieved by making constructive policy input; stimulating informed public debate and building leadership and research excellence in Africa.