The activities focus on reaching people in Africa, international community and the Diaspora to raise awareness as well as to promote dialogue between the policy makers and the general public. This is an area that is much talked about but for which there are insufficient mechanisms in place for significant responses to the issues. Some of the activities of CAACOR include:

  1. Making input into policy development locally and internationally
  2. Undertaking research on current issues of importance to Africa and the world in general
  3. Developing linkages and joint programmes with international organizations and agencies throughout the world
  4. Maintaining a resource centre and a reference library for research scholars
  5. Organizing conferences, seminars, and meetings on a wide range of topics addressed by prominent Africans and distinguished international guests.

These activities will help raise the profile of CAACOR with external stakeholders in the development sector. CAACOR is expected to serve as a resource and learning centre and provide technical support to various governments, non-governmental organizations and other private agencies.

Sustainability of the Program Activities

Implemented by various technical working teams, CAACOR will make greater attempts to empower and build the capacities of the African people in various aspects and the governments to dialogue and manage African Affairs and offer continued motivation to actively participate in varied activities for a better African continent through some anticipated donor activity in the coming years and other opportunities to apply for funding once this initiative takes root.
CAACOR also intends to carry out some consultancies, training staff of other organizations in its thematic areas for the purpose of meeting part of its yearly administrative costs.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation takes place at different levels depending on the activities or project being implemented. Internal monitoring is undertaken within the organization through regular project staff meetings, retreats and scenario building. External monitoring has to be conducted through annual evaluations which informs the strategic directions to be taken including going back to the drawing board when need arises. The think tank also engages regular reflections to ensure that programme interventions are speaking to the realities of Africa as much as feasible.

CAACOR also has put in place a participatory monitoring and evaluation system for information collection and analysis involving governments, donors, research institutions, CAACOR staff, other stakeholders and target groups depending on type of data and level of analysis required. The objective of this is to promote participatory management of the interventions by the African Governments and institutions through an efficient feedback process.