CAACOR programmes focuses on four thematic areas.

  • Governance:
    Institution Formation/Development
    This programme explores effective ways of building, strengthening and sustaining African institutions for accountability and in service to the wellbeing of citizens.
  • Democracy in Africa:
    This programme area is used for the advancement of democracy.
  • Economic Development:
    This programme is implemented to generate new perspectives, approaches and models for advancing economic development in Africa, with particular emphasis on broad-based use of African Solutions to African problems and to create ownership of development interventions.
  • Environment & Climate change:
    The purpose of this programme is to free people in Africa from the vulnerabilities occasioned by environment and climate change. We also lobby and advocate for development of favorable climate related policies and promotion of climate change justice for all.
  • Conflict Prevention:
    Can Africa as a continent mitigate its own conflict and carry out effective conflict resolution among its citizens?
  • Digital Identity Program:
    To build intellectual capital and contribute to the Understanding of the relationship between digital identity, National Security and Surveillance on the content.
  • The National Youth Round Tables (NYR):
    A creation and practical youth social-economic engagement process involving selected youth leaders and giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents, passion and innovations.