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2013 in Ottawa

2013 Annual Meeting of the Club of Rome in Ottawa
In September, 2013, CACOR hosted the Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Club of Rome in Ottawa, attended by some 160 delegates.  The theme of the conference, organized by CACOR, was Governance of the Commons.  The conference identified one challenge in particular and a theme emerged.

The peoples and the governments of the world face an urgent, superordinate challenge. The internationally agreed objective of limiting global warming to 2°C means in fact that by the time equilibrium is reached, the temperature of the planet will increase by 4°C, with the prospect of a runaway effect leading to much higher temperatures. 

One theme that emerged clearly from the conference was a repeated plea that the Club of Rome add to its established role a new mission in constructive activism. 

A synopsis of the session on the Commons and Energy may be found here: JGH9370,RT,p1.pdf

An article by Ian Johnson, Secretary General of the Club of Rome, on The Challenge of Scarcity set the scene for this meeting: I.Johnson,2013Sep.pdf

photo: Jean Saint-Jacques 

The achievement of sustainable, low carbon futures will require 
the infusion of ecological sensitivity in everything we do: 
the way we think, the way we design, and the way we invest.

Ralph Torrie
Club of Rome Conference, Ottawa, 2013

John Hollins,
5 Oct 2014, 08:29