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When the carbon bubble bursts Author Jeff Rubin says Canada’s future in a post-oil world is in water and agriculture. Bill Pugsley recommends this review of the book: please click here.

Nature's Trust: Environmental Law for a New Environmental Age, by Mary Christina Wood

Nature's Trust is a must read for those interested in governance of the commons and the rule of law, the theme of the annual Conference of the Club of Rome held in Ottawa in September, 2013.

reviewed by Robert Hoffman: 

The Limits to Growth Revisited 

by Ugo Bardi

Ugo Bardi examines both the science and the polemics surrounding The Limits to Growth, and in particular the reactions of economists that marginalized its methods and conclusions for more than 30 years.

reviewed by Robert Hoffman: Review,Ugo-Bardi.pdf

The Enigma of Capital and the Crises of Capitalism by David Harvey

Harvey's analysis firmly places the financial collapse of 2008 and the ensuing economic crisis in the context of the global problématique

reviewed by Robert Hoffman: Review,Harvey.pdf

The Climate Files: The Battle for the Truth about Global Warming by Fred Pearce

The IPCC places far too much emphasis on the historical record of global average temperatures at the Earth's surface. The case for anthropogenic global warming rests primarily on scientific understanding of the physics and atmospheric chemistry involved.

reviewed by Robert Hoffman: Review,Pearce.pdf 

Collective Intelligence edited by Mark Tovey

Collective intelligence is group thinking based on the interactive relationship of its members that results in behaviour more effective than otherwise would result from individuals thinking independently.  

reviewed by Fred Thompson: Review, Tovey.pdf

Managing Without Growth – Slower by design, not disaster by Peter A. Victor

Peter Victor's frank conclusions make this work meaningful. He provides a well-researched background for thinking about the global future.

reviewed by Fred Thompson: Review,Victor.pdf

Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet by Tim Jackson

This book addresses the dilemma of our age: the relentless pursuit of economic growth which endangers the ecosystems upon which humankind depends for its survival. 

reviewed by Robert Hoffman: Review,Jackson.pdf

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