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Presentations made at CACOR luncheons 
The Management of Nuclear Fuel Waste: For the slides used by Donald R. Wiles at CACOR's February lunch, please click 


Ethics for Economics in the Anthropocene, a paper by Peter Brown, CACOR lunch speaker on 2015 November 19, please click here

Experience with an electric car and plans for taking a home off-grid: no fossil fuel, by Art Hunter,  on 2015 August 26, Please click here for the slides.

Governing the Anthropocene, by Ray Ison, on 2015 July 2, Please click here for the slides

Multilateral Environmental Agreements, by G. Victor Buxton on 2015 June 17, Please click here for the slides.

Game-Changing Technologies, by Spruce Riordon, Ph.D, attracted a large attendance on 2015 May 13
Please click here for Dr. Riordan's slides.

Science and Democracy: the E4D Experimenthere are the slides Katie Gibbs used on 2015 April 15: Please click here for the slides.

Intervention made during the discussion: Another Barrier, by Robert Hoffman: Hoffman Sci&Democracy.pdf

Renewable Energy, Communities & Ethical Investing 

Renewable Energy, Communities and Ethical Investing

Here are the slides used by Janice Ashworth on 2015 March 19: JAshworth.pdf

Willful Blindness: to a Cure for Superbugs! Phage Therapy - a Cure for Superbugs! Bill Riedel

Here are the slides used by Bill Riedel on 2015 February 19: Phage,Riedel.pdf
and some background information:

An article by Lisan Jutras, Viral Agent – A forgotten weapon for the post-antibiotic era, The Walrus, July/August, 2014: the walrus

Quirks and Quarks, Digging a New Antibiotic out of the Dirt: quirks and quarks

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